Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cover Reveal - Fever Part 2 & 3

The sequel's cover is closed to being revealed. Can't wait. Sorry, I missed the next two but been busy with other things. Here are the other parts of the reveal, and man I am getting excited. This is what I think the cover is going to look like. The girl is sitting on a stool, holding a tarot card. The raven or crow is sitting on the ground with a fallen pillow, and the horse is in the background. That's my guess but who knows. We will just have to find out July 27 when the official cover comes out.

Part 1 released on July 6.

Part 2 released on July 13.

Part 3 released on July 20.

Part 4 will be released on July 27, which is supposed to be the released of the full cover and behind the scenes making of the cover. You can find it all here on Lauren DeStefano's facebook page --> Fever Reveal .

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