Monday, July 11, 2011

Gabrielle's Review on Revelations

Publisher: Hyperion Books
Release Date: October 28, 2008
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272
Source: Burrowed
Rating: Escapable
The Other Books: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, The Van Alen Legacy, Misguided Angel, Lost in Time, The Gates of Paradise
Schuyler Van Alen’s blood legacy has just been called into question: is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood, or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins? As controversy swirls, Schuyler is left stranded in the Force household, trapped under the same roof as her cunning nemesis, Mimi Force, and her forbidden crush, Jack Force.

When an ancient place of power is breached by Silver Bloods in Rio de Janeiro, however, the Blue Bloods will need Schuyler on their side. The stakes are high; the battle is bloody; and through it all, Schuyler is torn between duty and passion, love and freedom. And in the end, one vampire’s secret identity will be exposed in a revelation that shocks everyone.
This review was updated on May 11, 2012.
Again just like the other Blue Bloods series, the cover has meaning to the story. In Masquerade, Mimi is the one with the Silver Blood mark on her neck. The girl on the book though, you kind of wonder, if it’s Mimi or is it a different girl (I won’t say!!). The book’s battle is located in Rio, which shows on the book as a silhouette. I am telling you though, there is some breaking news in this one.
For a while, Schuyler had hoped her grandfather's return from exile would change that―that Lawrence's presence in her life would mean she was no longer alone. But those hopes were dashed when Charles Force took her away from the shabby brownstone on Riverside Drive, the only home she had ever known.
I fell in love with the first two books, now I was waiting desperately to read this one. Somehow it got lost, so we had to wait for the library to have a copy available. ((The trailer is for the first three books, sorry)

This one again started out kind of slow. Schuyler is forced to live with the Force family. She is legally adopted by Charles Force. Now, she is dealing with Mimi’s hatred and Jack ignoring her on a daily basis. She also made Oliver her human familiar which is rocking their friendship, even though they won’t admit it. She has a lot of drama. Especially since, Jack and she are secretly having make-out session.

Mimi, on the other hand, is invited to join the Conclave, the Blue Bloods kind of government, since her father stays locked up in his study. The reason for this is because now Laurence Van Alen is the new Regis, and Charles is not. Mimi is making plans for her bonding ceremony with her brother Jack. It turns out that, they are not just twins but kind of like soul mates. Once they bond, they become whole.

Unfortunately, Bliss is not having as many blackouts as before, but she is seeing some creepy visions or mirages. There is something definitely wrong going on with her. Dylan is also back and blames one of them as being a Silver Blood.

In Rio, there is some earthquake that is not what it seems. Schuyler’s grandfather rushes out there with none other Kingsley Martin. They think there are Silver Bloods out there. They are right but there is so more that goes on out there, it was one of my favorite moments in the series. There are things revealed but there are just so many more questions also.

Ah, and the ending, I did not expect it to be that good! I was kind of suspecting one person but wasn’t hundred percent sure.
I guess I forgot to mention, but Melissa De la Cruz has an adult book out. It’s called Witches of East End, and yeah, it’s about witches. I just love the cover and might just pick up a copy.

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