Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cover Reveal - Pandemonium

Since Alice is busy with vacation, I am doing the honors. She did tell me about it though, so I will give her credit for that. So up there is the original cover for Delirium. I bought it, thinking it was the most amazing cover ever (over-exaggerating but it was such a cool cover), but it turns out now there's a new cover. Below is the new cover.

This one is pretty but it kind of reminds me of the Uglies cover but that's just me. The cover for the sequel to this has been revealed, and the cover is set to match this one. So here it is, the cover for Pandemonium!!!

I like this one better than the first, but I still makes me a little mad since now my covers won't match. I really don't plan on buying another Delirium, so I will just have to suffer silently.

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