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Sarah's Review on Prom & Prejudice

Prom & Prejudice
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg (@ElizEulberg)
Publisher: Point Scholastic
Release Date: January 1, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Source: Bought
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl of high standing at Longbourn Academy must be in want of a prom date.

After winter break, the girls at the very prestigious Longbourn Academy become obsessed with the prom. Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn on a scholarship, isn’t interested in designer dresses and expensive shoes, but her best friend, Jane, might be – especially now that Charles Bingley is back from a semester in London.

Lizzie is happy about her friend’s burgeoning romance but less than impressed by Charles’s friend, Will Darcy, who’s snobby and pretentious. Darcy doesn’t seem to like Lizzie either, but she assumes it’s because her family doesn’t have money. Clearly, Will Darcy is a pompous jerk – so why does Lizzie find herself drawn to him anyway?

Will Lizzie’s pride and Will’s prejudice keep them apart? Or are they a prom couple in the making? Whatever the result, Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Lonely Hearts Club, has concocted a very funny, completely stylish delight for any season – prom or otherwise.
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This is a bright, colorful cover that definitely got my attention. I would have changed the wording, Prom would be fancy, and Prejudice would be twisted.

It's not easy, though. It only took the new scholarship girl in the junior class two days before she broke down in tears. Fortunately, she was alone in her room and nobody saw her. But it happened.

I should know. Because that was my room, and my tears.
I actually wanted to get Elizabeth Eulberg’s The Lonely Hearts Club. I heard that it was a great debut! However, this one didn't disappoint and glad I picked it up.

I finished this book in one night. This is the Pride & Prejudice of our generation.Okay maybe not my generation but the younger ones will love this. It was funny, emotional, and breath-taking. Elizabeth Eulberg brought the characters back to life. 

They are younger, have nicknames, and now, I can actually like Darcy because he isn’t that old. Even though, I have not read Pride & Prejudice, I have only seen the movie remakes and BBC’s tv series. Elizabeth does a great job at recreating the characters and drama all over again.

Lizzie is a one of the few scholarship students at Longbourn Academy. Because of this label, she is ignored through out the school. Her roommate and best friend, Jane, makes her life much more pleasant at the Academy. Jane is crushing on Charles Bingley, and pulls Lizzie along with her to a party. This is where Lizzie meets Will Darcy, and where they began to dislike each other. Through out the story, you will see them argue, and fall in love with it. It's hard not to fall in love with them.

The characters were wonderful. Lizzie, she is such a good hearted person, a great friend, and strong willed. She makes mistakes but we all do. And as for Will, I can’t help but swoon over him. The only character I didn’t like was Wick because he was nothing but a player. Been there, done that.

My favorite part was when Will tells Lizzie about his feelings for her, and how he tried not to like her. He was pretty much rude without really trying, just like the original.
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