Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Match-Up Contest

Are you book obsessed???

Do you want a chance to win some cool 2011 debuts???

Do you want to know what that picture is all about???

All you have to do is play Match-Up.

Want more info click here ---------> Book Match-Up Contest

Edit: Books have been posted, and form is now available!!! Enter!!


  1. Oh my god!! This sounds exciting! But hard!

    I really hope you guys pick Passion by Lauren Kate it was an awesome debut and I really really want to win it lol.

    Do we have to be a fan of the blog to win??

  2. The better question is, when is the contest starting??

  3. Pick Hereafter, the book is amazing!!!

  4. I think they should only pick new debut books not sequels. That way it's new books, and new authors.

  5. At Layla, no you don't have to be a fan, but it would be appreciated. We are making a contest form for you to fill out. Although, once we hit 100 followers, we are doing another contest.

    At Chelsea, the contest won't start until the end of August, hopefully. We are trying to do our first contest as quickly as we can. We are also trying to collect all the books.

    And the questions about the books we are picking. We are not taking suggestions since this is supposed to be our pick. We will let you know when we picked the books. I think we are doing mostly 2011 debut authors. - Danny

  6. Is this contest limited to only USA?

  7. Unfortunately, yes this is only for the US. I do not have a clue to send books out of the United States, so I do not want to go through the trouble. Maybe in the future we will have contests for outside the US. But for right now, this is only for the US. - Danny

  8. Very nice. I like your background. New follower. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

  9. Everyone books have been posted, and the form is available to fill out. Hurry before you miss your chance. Contest only opened until Sept. 2.

  10. Dang, awesome contest...

    sadly, it ain't international and i can't enter...
    I will wait for other contests.

    Looks like your blog and mine will celebrate their birthdays almost together :D

    The difference is i do reviews of old books :) so its nice that i can read reviews of new ones here.

    Do check my blog out

    P.S following you :)
    Keep doing the amazing job

  11. At Freelancer, we are trying to figure out how to send international. We are only beginners at this blog thing and we are still clueless to some things. Hopefully soon though.

    We are definitely having a blog birthday contest, that will be fun :).

    We are planning to do some reviews on old books, since we always say what's new to us might be new to someone else. But we will definitely check out your blog.

    Thanks for the lovely comment & follow <3 Sarah.