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Sarah's review on Sixteenth Summer

Sixteenth Summer
AuthorMichelle Dalton
PublisherSimon Pulse
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Source: Pulse It
Buy at: Amazon

First love can sweep you away.

One unforgettable summer.

Anna is dreading another tourist-filled summer on Dune Island that follows the same routine: beach, ice cream, friends, repeat. That is, until she locks eyes with Will, the gorgeous and sweet guy visiting from New York. Soon her summer is filled with flirtatious fun as Anna falls head over heels in love.

But with every perfect afternoon, sweet kiss, and walk on the beach, Anna can’t ignore that the days are quickly growing shorter, and Will has to leave at the end of August. Anna’s never felt anything like this before, but when forever isn’t even a possibility, one summer doesn’t feel worth the promise of her heart breaking. . .


Rating – 4/5 stars

Judge the Cover – It’s cute, and you can tell it would be a great summer read just by the title and cover.

Selecting – Pulse It, by Simon Schuster, provided this e-book for me.

Review – This is a cute bubbly read from start to finish. I would suggest it to any young readers, especially young girls, to give this book a read.

Anna has lived on Dune Island her entire life. And during the summertime, it’s the same routine every year. Tourists come and hang out on the beach, explore the town, and visit the sites. Anna’s family owns a really great ice cream shop that serves some really weird ice cream like Maple Bacon Crunch. She doesn’t expect anything to be different this summer from last years.

But things always change. Her best friends, Sam and Caroline, are now exclusive. She feels weird about them being a couple and her being the third wheel. She doesn’t want to date anyone that she already knows because she has known them since kindergarten. She doesn’t want a tourist, because she doesn’t want a short-term relationship. That’s until she meets a new boy at the annual bonfire, named Will.

Will is a tourist who is living there for the summer. He is average looking, but to Anna, he’s different from other guys. She wants to enjoy this romance with Will, but is afraid of being heartbroken when he leaves.

Their romance is great, and really fun to read.

This was great summer read, one that I will cherish for a very long time. Michelle Dalton’s writing is beautiful when it comes to descriptions. She describes Dune Island, the beach, and many other places so wonderful that it feels like you’re there along with Anna.

Best Character – Anna is a very relatable, likeable character, but I feel like she complained too much when things were going great. She had flaws but that’s what makes her believable.

Worst Character – I actually like all the characters in the book.

Favorite Part – The first time Anna sees Will, her body kind of freezes up and she just stares at him. I have been there so many times when it came to a cute boy and Michelle captured the moment just perfectly.

Author’s NEWS – I haven’t heard any new from Michelle Dalton. I will report if I hear something.

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