Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sarah's Review on Reel Life Starring Us

Reel Life Starring Us
AuthorLisa Greenwald
Release Date: September 1, 2011
Format: E-book
Pages: 304
Source: NetGalley
Buy at: Amazon

Rockwood Hills Junior High is known for the close-knit cliques that rule the school. When arty new girl Dina gets the opportunity to do a video project with queen bee Chelsea, she thinks this is her ticket to a great new social life.

But Chelsea has bigger problems than Dina can imagine: her father has lost his job, and her family is teetering on the brink. Without knowing it, Dina might just get caught in Chelsea’s free fall.

Filled with honest truths about status and self-confidence, as well as the bubbly, infectious voice Lisa Greenwald mastered in her breakout, My Life in Pink & Green, this book is sure to charm tween readers everywhere.


Rating – 4/5 stars

Judge the Cover – Cover is actually cute and goes with the story. Bright and colorful, it will definitely catch people’s eyes and wonder what this book is about.

Selecting – One of the NetGalley books that we received for review.

Review – This book would be more for middle-graders since, the setting of story takes place in middle school. Even though I’m older than the girls in the story, I actually enjoyed reading the story. I brought back memories of my time in middle school. Lisa Greenwald is a wonderful writer. There were moments of surprise, laughter, and sometimes heartfelt, all bringing a great story of growing up. Too bad I didn’t have a book like this when I was in middle school.

The story is told in two points of view, Dina and Chelsea, both girls who attend at Rockwood Hills Junior High. They are very different. Dina may seem outgoing, artsy, and not care about anything, but inside she does, she only appears to be free-minded, and smile at everything. Chelsea appears to be the girl with the perfect life, the most popular girl in school, but in reality, her family is struggling with financial problems. These two very different girls get teamed up to do a video about the school, for a big event.

They have a lot of struggles trying to finish the project. There are so many distractions. Chelsea is afraid of losing her friends once her secret is out. Dina is worried about making friends. But deep down, this story should be for any middle grader, because it shows how many people are actually different than they appear to be. They have stories and secrets of their own, just needing a push to show who they really are.

There were slow parts, and then some exciting parts, for overall enjoyable read. I really love the video tips and Sasha Preston pieces of advice, which worth both great advice to keep in mind.

Best Character – Dina was a very likable character. She was outgoing, but her struggles made her realistic. She was pretty much any regular middle school girl.

Worst Character – I really didn’t enjoy Molly or Kendall because they were mean, and when they were trying to be nice, it seemed unreal. But without them, there wouldn’t really be a story to tell.

Favorite Part – Dina and Chelsea were pretending to be extras to get closer to Sasha Preston. It’s was one of those, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Author’s NEWS – This is her latest release.

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