Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alice's Review on Fateful

Author: Claudia Gray
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: Sept. 13, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 328
Source: Bought
Rating: Escapable
Extra: Trailer, Pitch Dark Tour
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In Fateful, eighteen-year-old maid Tess Davies is determined to escape the wealthy, overbearing family she works for. Once the ship they’re sailing on reaches the United States, she’ll strike out on her own. Then she meets Alec, a handsome first-class passenger who captivates her instantly. But Alec has secrets....

Soon Tess will learn just how dark Alec’s past truly is. The danger they face is no ordinary enemy: werewolves are real and they’re stalking him—and now Tess, too. Her growing love for Alec will put Tess in mortal peril, and fate will do the same before their journey on the Titanic is over.

Featuring the opulent backdrop of the Titanic, Fateful’s publication is poised to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s doomed maiden voyage. It is sure to be a hit among Titanic buffs and fans of paranormal romance alike.
Gorgeous!!! Recently though, I saw a paperback cover for the book and I adore that one more. It has Tess in a red dress which she wears in the book, and from what I read, she was really stunning. I plan to buy the paperback just for the cover.
Bought for the Pitch Dark tour, along with others to get signed. Never heard of Claudia until now and now I know what I was missing.

Okay I know this is usually not what I read. Werewolves are more Gabrielle but Titanic is epic history and that’s my type of story. Although, most of the Seekers did read this along with me, great books like this gain all of our interests. Well, that is except Danny, I have yet to convince her to read this. She will eventually.

Now for some honesty, I have not watched the entire Titanic movie. Yes I know I am an epic failure for not doing so. I have three brothers and their not into that stuff so, I’m not. My mom is nuts for the movie but me, I just read a book about Titanic facts. It was really interesting with lots of photos of the ship. If I were to see the movie, I would fast-forward it to the end when the ship is sinking. I don’t know. Should I watch the movie?

The book was a GREAT read; do to the fact that Ms. Claudia is such an excellent writer. Now, I need to pick up the Evernight series.

Tess, is a servant maid for the Lisle family. During the night before the Titanic leaves, Tess is chased by a wolf. A man protects her from the wolf, by telling the wolf to go away. Then he tells Tess to leave him or she’ll die. Tess runs away to go finish her duties.

The Titanic is Tess’s chance to escape serving Lisle family forever. Lisle family was once a rich and thriving family, but now is poor. They hope to sell some items away in America. Tess works hard to save up everything she can, so she can start a new life in America. The only problem is her life is about to change, because of Alec and Mikhail. She is being hunted for one of Lisle’s prized possessions. Mikhail plans to do whatever it takes to get his hands on it.

Every night is like a horror movie to me. You don’t know what to expect to happen, especially with werewolves on board a ship. From the beginning, all I can think is… they all going to die. You know what’s going to happen in the end, but reading the in between is where the story is. Although, the two endings were a lot of fun to read; the Titanic’s ending and Tess’s ending. This is a MUST read.
Let's see, Claudia Gray has Balthazar coming out in March, and she has Spellcaster coming out sometime in 2012. Check out her website for more info, just click on her name at the top.


  1. Read her evernight series nd im excited for this one.

    Great review, thnx for sharing :). -J

  2. Thanks for the comment, and I am going to check out The Evernight Series. Kind of excited.