Monday, October 17, 2011

Third Week of Giveaway & Zombie Takeover

Congrats to Alyssa R. of MI, you just won a signed Fateful
& Emma Z. of TX, you just won Silence

And Emma for your question about how we pay for the books, and shipping.

First, Sarah and Emilia work at Barnes and Nobles and get discounts.
Second, Amazon Prime. For all the October books like Silence, 
we get free two-day shipping, so we can send it to you guys right away.

Now, to this week of books.

Two new Books given away every week!!

Two new Winners chosen every week!!

This week we are giving away these books...

A signed copy of Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey and 
a copy of Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Click HERE to enter this giveaway!

Beautiful Chaos we are paying for on Amazon, so it will be a two-day shipping.
The signed Cold Kiss will take about a week to get to you.

On for you zombie players...
For those of you who passed the Second Week of zombies,

It's time to choose your weapons and kill those zombies!

Who will survive and win the prize??

Click HERE to enter!!!


  1. OMG!!!!!!! I won :D! I need to check my email more often!!!

    Thanks for answering the questions :). I can't wait to get Silence in the mail!

    Congrats to the other winner.


  2. Your Welcome and we are watching amazon like crazy to make sure the packages made it to their destinations. Yours hasn't been sent out yet, so hopefully it will be sent out soon.

    Tell us when you get it. -Emilia

  3. Okay, I love your zombie giveaway. It's awesomely creative!

  4. @Jessica

    We are going to do something similar in December, because our theme Dec. contest is going to be 'End of the World'. We were thinking about another game to play but... we are still planning things.