Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All it takes is a spark...

All it takes is for you to create...
One dream.
One character.
One event.
One idea.

All it takes is for you to write...
One word.
One sentence.
One paragraph.
One page.

All it takes is for you...
to sit down and write that book.

As you see in the picture above, that is a quote that I live by. It's one of my favorite quotes of all time. I just don't know who said it, but they are a genius.

This month has been hard. This month is NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month.

Why did they pick this month to host this? I have no idea. I know I have too many things on my planner, and to write everyday is going to be hard. Especially the week of Thanksgiving!

And we are only halfway through!

So how is everyone doing? Did you give up? Are you still hanging on? Do you want to win some items?

Whoa. Wait. What? Win?

Yup, I am hosting a giveaway here on the blog for all those writers out there! I was going to host this in the beginning of the month, but I had another idea. Last year, around this time, I gave up on writing my book. And I found out, I wasn't the only one. 

I want to tell you guys not to give up, so I giving away items.

So, now to the prizes and how to win.

One Grand Prize Winner will win:
  • (1) spiral notebook
  • (2) lead pencils [the yellow pencil writes in this turquoise color]
  • (1) light-up duck pen [it also quacks]
  • (2) $25 gift certificates to any restaurants listed on restaurant.com
  • Winner's choice of book or books that is worth up to $20.00 from AMAZON

The notebook, pencils, and pens are for you to get started on your book. Write down your ideas, your plot, your characters, and etc. The gift certificates are for the celebration! And the book is for you to read while you are not writing.

About the book prize: Let's say you find a book worth $10.98 and you see another for $10.98. The total adds up to $21.96 before tax and shipping. That counts. If the price is close enough to $20 before tax and shipping, than it counts. Price above $25 will not count.

And now how to win...

Since this is, NaNoWriMo, all I am going to do is make you do one thing.

We want you to write whatever comes to mind. It can be a poem, a sentence, a short story, and etc. Whatever comes to mind. 

But there's a catch. I want you to write something by using one of these three words. YOU ONLY NEED TO USE ONE OF THE WORDS!:
  • Seeker
  • Lake
  • Raven
For example: The raven looked like a seeker, while soaring above the lake.

See easy enough. To enter, just comment below!! As always, one entry per person

But if you happen to tweet about the giveaway mentioning @TheStorySeekers, I will give you an extra entry. 

Also, if you let me know how far along you are in words for your book, I will give you another extra entry.
EX: I am at 54,837 words so far in my book.

Good luck everyone, and keep writing! -Emilia


  1. The raven is the symbol of death so it must not be good to have one as your pet. I saved Niro and he hasn't left my side since. If I had left him by the lake, he would have surely died.

    Screw superstitions. Niro was the symbol of life.


    Love this giveaway! I really need to celebrate. I don't have Twitter. It seemed pointless.

    I am at 14321 words on my novel.

  2. Quoth the Raven: "I really want the duckie pen!"

    Thanks for the encouragement - I also think November is just the worst possible month for NaNoWriMo. My writing group decided to take some of the pressure off by doing a shared project, alternating days so we each post to a private blog every fourth day. So far, I am averaging about 1200 words per post. The energy and discipline from the task is spilling over into my main work, so it's been a good thing - reminding me that I can work on a schedule and still do good writing.

    And I always do my first drafts in pen in a notebook, so I'd love to win this contest! :)

    I am off to Tweet!

  3. We spent all summer by that lake, three friends destined to never be the same again. They were off to college and I was doomed to rot in a town that reeked of old grease and hot metal. We promised to see each other as much as possible on that last day, but I think we all felt the truth. We were all moving on to bigger, (but not necessarily better, in my case), things, and the time would slip away, leaving longer and longer gaps between visits. It was going to be a different world for me without them, but I knew in my heart, we would always have that summer by the lake.

    Thank you for this giveaway- it's awesome! I retweeted and I am at 43,601 words on my book.

  4. Oooh! Here's a haiku:

    My raven named Bob
    Flew over the peaceful lake
    It pecked a seeker

    lol, that was random. :P But I really want that duckie pen! So cute! ;) I even tweeted!


    And I am 3196 words on my book. That's because I stopped. *hangs head in shame" I couldn't find the time-or the inspiration- to finish. Maybe next year. Hopefully! :) If I win this though, that's gonna be enough inspiration for me! (quack! :D)