Monday, November 7, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Everything is a poison, even love. UPDATE!

There's an important thing below about the Poison Diaries! Check below!
Remember two weeks ago, when we were celebrating the release of the Poison Diaries: Nightshade. There was a reason behind the celebration.

The author, Maryrose Wood, and the Poison Diaries team are giving away a signed copy of Nightshade to a lucky winner!!

Here are the directions on how to enter:
Click the image above, to follow @poisondiaries on twitter. 
Then, send them a reply that you want to win #Nightshade and @TheStorySeekers sent you.

Example (Copy and Tweet this):
@poisondiaries I want to win a signed #Nightshade by @Maryrose_Wood. Thanks @TheStorySeekers for sending me here.

Click on the image above, to like the Poison Diaries page.
Then, post on their wall that you want to win #Nightshade and The Story Seekers sent you.

Example (Copy and Paste this):
I want to win a signed Nightshade by Maryrose Wood. Thanks to The Story Seekers for sending me here.

Poison Diaries Website:
Click on the image above, to enter the poison gardens.
Find Nicotiana and add it to My Poison Diary.
UPDATE: You need to find Arum Maculatum
We are tweeting anyone who already entered!
Click to share it on twitter, and mention @poisondiaries & @TheStorySeekers
You might have to shorten the tweet.

Also for this little giveaway, we are also giving away first book of the series, The Poison Diaries! Just comment below, to enter!

Winner: Tara

48 hours to email us back, or new winner is chosen.

Good luck to everyone else, because the Nightshade giveaway is still going. If you haven't entered, info is above.


  1. Oh I want to win :D. Sounds like a great series.

  2. I just got the second one and would likr to read the first. Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    By the way, I tried to share My Poison Diary on Twitter but it didn't work... :(

  4. Finally got it to work! Twitter Username: @TwinDragonsKnow

  5. Oh, pick me, pick me! These books sound amazing!

  6. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! My fingers are crossed. (=

  7. If this is an international giveaway please enter me. i would love to discover this serie ( and i have no twitter or facebook)

    thanks you for this opportunity


  8. @miki Yes this is international! It's okay not to have a twitter and facebook, we know this applies to some people. Just visit the site to explore the series more.

  9. I'd love to win the first book in the series! Thank you!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  10. Wow! Thank you so much,I haven't read the first book yet.It has been on my TBR list for quite a while.Thanks for this amazing give-away.I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  11. Cool! Thanks guys, I've been wanting this so badly!

  12. Sorry for any inconvience guys but you need to find "Arum Maculatum" at . Hurry so it counts as an entry!

  13. This is a great giveaway! I've never read these books but they sound amazing!

  14. Haven't heard of this series before, but it sounds fascinating. Thanks for giving away a copy of the first book!

    workingforthemandroid at gmail dot com

  15. Thanks everyone for entering! And the winner is Tara! We sent you an email, to gather your info.

    Good luck everyone who entered to win Nightshade. And if you haven't entered, there is still time. Just follow the directions above to enter.