Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IVY's Iron Fey International Giveaway!

Don't they just look so hot. Eh :D! Anyways, we are celebrating The Iron Knight release by
doing our very first international giveaway!

I, Ivy, am in charge of this giveaway. Emilia bought all the books for this giveaway.
I am just waiting for The Iron Queen and The Iron Knight to get in the mail, 
but while I'm waiting, you guys can sign up.

I am giving away the entire series! All I want to know is 
if you are Team Puck or Team Ash!

And if you don't know which one you are because you never read the books,
you can just put Team Meghan.

So, one GRAND PRIZE winner 
will win the entire paperback series.
4 books in total!

And one winner will just win the latest one, 
The Iron Knight

I think that's fair for our first international giveaway!

I am going to be rereading all the books and review them on the site.
You can enter throughout the days until...
I review The Iron Knight, then you will only have one more day to enter.

Sarah is in charge of picking the winners. She is the one that does all of 
the giveaways. This one, she is going through all the entries and lets me
know who the winners are.

We were going to do the Rafflecopter thing, but we are still not ready for it.
We kind of don't like the thing. I noticed that if you don't come back 
everyday to enter by retweeting, you don't really get a lot of chances
at winning.

Also, some people don't have Twitter. Let us know what you want...
Do you want us to do the Rafflecopter
should we just stick to Google Docs?

I will have a page for the giveaway up soon!


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  2. Hi,

    thanks you for thinking about international followers too^^, i dream of winning this serie^^.
    I don't have facebook or twitter. So for me you can do reafflecopter or a form i guess the advantage of reafflecopter is that you know if you already fullfilled it or not. ( but me i always have the problem that i'm not sure of my gfc name ^^;;

  3. Awesome giveaway!!!! I don't have Facebook...anyway I suggest you use google docs.

  4. I'm goin with either which doesnt really help u at all lol

  5. lol, love the pic of Igor! :P I actually prefer Google Docs. Rafflecopter reveals too much, plus knowing the number of entries can be discouraging. :P Anyway, I'm excited for the giveaway! :) Thanks!