Monday, November 14, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Unread Books on Emilia's Shelf

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started here at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they have a specific topic for a top ten list. This week is books that have been on your shelf but have never read. This week features Emilia.

Hey, everyone. Okay, if you didn't know I work at Barnes & Noble, and I always see these books being bought by so many customers, so I tend to buy them. The only problem is I never get to them afterwards. Having a employee discount can be a really bad thing at some points.

Here's my list of unread books:

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
    Okay, I always tell myself I am going to start the series before the movie comes out, but I never get to it. I read the first chapter but I never got around to finishing it. I know it's my type of book and I really want to read it, but I just keep putting it off. I plan on reading the entire series by Christmas time. Then, I can truly feel part of the excitement.

2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
    I saw a lot of girls buying this book in the store. We always had to restock the shelf for the first two weeks. I mostly bought this book because of the cover. I couldn't help but just want it. I read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver so, I know I really like her writing. Now, it just sits there on my shelf waiting to be read.

3. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
    I have all of the books signed by her, and I have met her in real life. I love WEREWOLVES! So, when it came out, I bought it right away. I have the entire series but never read a word. I am so ashamed. 

4. Hush, Hush by Becca FitzPatrick
    I was writing a Fallen angel book and thought I should read others before finishing mine. I wanted to make sure I wasn't copying anyone. So, I grabbed a bunch of Fallen angel novels to read over a vacation. I never got to Hush, Hush. It was the one I wanted to read right away, too. It was all because of the cover. The boy is just so mysteriously hot. 

5. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
    Where has the time gone? I bought this because I heard so much about the series. One of the best series that we were always restocking. I only bought the first book, thinking I would get to it but I never did. Another series I will have to read over winter break.

6. Evernight series by Claudia Gray
    I have the entire series and they are all signed by Claudia. I read the first chapter of Evernight, and I was amazed. I really liked it. I never got passed the first chapter. It's not because I didn't like the rest of the book. I just didn't have enough time to get to it.

7. Across the Universe by Beth Revis
    I love everything about this book. The cover, the synopsis, and it being a sci-fi, I was all into reading it. When it arrived, I saw the cover had a flipped side, that showed the map of the ship. I was thrilled! Then I had to travel to Florida, and Across the Universe laid on my desk forgotten. When I came back, it's still there on my desk waiting to be opened.

8. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
    I heard Miley was going to play the girl in the movie for this book. Then, I heard it was about a girl that has a flower on her back, that turn into wings. AWESOME. Not the Miley part, the flower part. I bought the book because, I wanted to know why they thought Miley was the perfect fit for the girl. Yet another book I never opened. Actually, I lent this out to a friend, and she loved it. 

9-10. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins & The Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
       I bought these both at a used book store. The covers were in great condition and I needed to save some cash, so I bought them with some other books. I read all the other used books but never got to these two. I don't know why I haven't started, since I love both of the books' synopsis and covers. 

Well, that's all folks. I know I bet I'm the only one who has never read these series. These are some popular books, and I feel so out of the loop when people talk about them. So, what's on your TTT?


  1. I've read all but 3 of them. I actually have the others on my shelf. I just haven't gotten around to them either. I honestly can't see Miley playing the part in the Wings movie. (If it comes out.)

  2. Oh you so have to read The Hunger Games before the movie comes out. The book is so amazingly addictive and so far it looks like they're doing a great job with the movie! I also really like Delirium and Shiver from your list. I've read Across the Universe and I thought it was okay, not quite what I expected. City of Bones is pretty good too.

  3. Oh my God. You have some of my favourite books there! The Hunger Games, Delirium, Shiver, Hush Hush, City of Bones, Evernight and Hex Hall. Across the Universe is on my list to read too but it never quite makes the top. I've read A Great and Terrible Beauty too but it's not as good as the others. Out of all of them I'd say read Delirium. It was my second favourite release this year after Divergent.

  4. I have several of these on my wish list!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  5. You have left too many great books un-read! Hunger Games, Shiver, City of Bones, Across the Universe - you should definitely make time for all of these, because they're awesome!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  6. Yes I know! I really do want to read them all. I am trying to put them somewhere on my schedule, but some of those books are really thick.

    Thanks for the comments, I will check out all of yours!


  7. I read Twilight series after I saw New Moon so its not a big thing to wait until the movie comes out.

    You have really great books on your shelf!

  8. You have some great books on your list. I have read 1-5 and 9 and 10. The Hunger games is huge in my house.

    My Top Ten are here:

  9. I know several people who have read and likes Hush, Hush!, but I haven't read it.

    Here's My Post

  10. I loved The Hunger Games - I blew through all three books in the span of roughly two weeks. It's a good series and you should definitely read it before the movie comes out.

    Also, I love Maggie Stiefvater and Shiver is one of my favorite books EVER.

  11. I didn't like Shiver at all. I think I finished it, but it was more out of a sense of duty than wanting to know what happened. I just couldn't get into it.

    I've had Hex Hall on my TBR list for a long time; I need to get a copy next time I'm at the library.

  12. The Hunger Games and Delirium are fantastic! I hope you enjoy them when you read them. I can't wait for the second book, Pandemonium. I also really loved Before I Fall so I read Delirium and while it has some iffy world building, Lauren Oliver's writing and characters shine.