Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winners for all of the October Giveaways

October Winners!

We had such a great time hosting so many different giveaways.
We are not having that many giveaways this month because
we are a little exhausted and December is going to be really big.
For the Creatures of the Dark giveaway…

Hailey L for the sign copy of A Beautiful Dark 
Darcy for the copy of  The Iron Knight
Congrats to our Grand Prize Winner!

Tiffany M.

Check your email, so we can get all of your info.

Congrats to our 2 other Winners!

Miranda D.


Check your guys emails, so we can get all of your info.

You guys have 48 hours to reply to our emails, or we will have to pick new winners.
The zombie winners, were contacted but here are their cures. We went random but next year, we will have this thing more organized. Thanks everyone for joining, it was such a fun game.

Janet’s cure – Zombies don’t need cures. The people that have survived the zombie infestation need to gather together and dispose of the zombies. Take out the source and eliminate the problem.

Amanda’s cure – Since its Halloween Im going to say Skittles. Take a few handfuls and shove it into their mouths. The tangy sweetness will take out the nastiness in their systems and will cure them from the inside out. Although I think nothing will help with their looks so they will need extra help with plastic surgeons and a lot of doctors to restore their appearances.

Andrew’s cure – Fight the virus with the virus. I remember I watched something on the discovery channel that they take the virus somehow put a little bit in your system so white cells can break it down and somehow remember it. So if the virus comes into your system the cells will remember it and know how to fight it. So get some zombies into the lab and take the virus from them and study it. I don’t know how long it takes but while the doctors are doing there thing we will just have to fight off the zombies for now.

Thanks everyone for joining and participating!! We had such a fun time doing all these giveaways!! 

Please winners make sure to CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!
We need to be sure we have the right information, and are able to contact you.
We also need to know when you get your packages so we don't have to worry about them.

Thanks again! 

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