Monday, December 12, 2011

Blogger Error, December Giveaway Update, & It's a Girl

Hey everyone, it's Gaby and on to the news.

Blogger Error

Okay, something bad happen last week. Danny was doing some redesigning on the blog. She was messing with the HTML code. Even though there is a warning that pretty much says 'Advanced Users Only', she messed with it anyway.

Every post that we posted up, didn't go through. They just disappeared. They weren't even saved in drafts either. Danny and Emilia spent all weekend going through the the HTML code to see what was different. Lesson learned.

It's fixed, but we are just going to post up our reviews this week.

I also have an update on the Day-to-Day Seekers. Danny has an idea for Fridays, and Emilia has Sundays for In My Mailboxes. Here's the new order:

Sun: Emilia
Mon: Gabrielle
Tues: Ivy
Wed: Sarah
Thurs: Alice
Fri: Danny
Sat: Giveaway Updates

December Giveaway Update

Since the error last week, Sarah thinks this giveaway is going to be hard to host through-out this month. She is the one that hosts all the giveaways so, we are giving her a break.

We are putting up all of the teams' giveaways up. We are also showing you the books we are giving away. You can entered for each of teams or you can just pick one.

Everyone that entered this past week, we are giving them each in extra entry for each of the teams. For these new giveaways, we are just asking for your name, and your email. This giveaway is still international. We will be posting each of the teams' giveaways on their own pages later today. Good luck everyone!

It's a Girl!

Well, it's going to be a girl. 

Emilia's older sister, Yesenia, is having a girl. Her due date was last week, but Arriana is being stubborn and won't come out. 

Emilia is heading to New Mexico to visit her sister and take care of her. Before and after the birth of her niece.   

We can't wait to see some photos.


New Upcoming Blog

We have created a new blog, The Read & Seek. It's not a new review blog, or writing blog. It's a blog about 2012 books that are coming out.

It's still a working progress. We just wanted a place where we can see what's coming out next month, and so on and so forth. We tried to create a list on Goodreads, but they only let you add up to 100 books on the list.

The blog isn't up just yet, but will be in a couple weeks. We are trying to finish some things, but soon people will be able to explore it.

That's all for this week, happy reading and blogging! Gaby.

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