Monday, December 5, 2011

The first Seekers Announcements!

Hey all, we are trying something new this week. We were thinking of ways to organized this blog better for us and our readers. The first thing we came up with is a weekly announcement. We decided this way you can find out what's happening on the blog for that week. Since doing giveaways is something we like to do, now you get to know what giveaway we are doing that week. Also, we have things planned for the upcoming 2012 year and having this announcement thing will help out a lot.

So on to the news.

Day to Day Seekers

As much as we love blogging and reading, we still have busy lives. Sometimes our schedules get out of hand, and no blogging comes in. We noticed that during Thanksgiving break. So, we came up with a schedule.

Day to day Seekers is so we have a week to read before we post our reviews. It's more relaxing that way. Below is the schedule.

Mon: Gabrielle <-Yup it's me today!
Tues: Emilia
Wed: Danny
Thurs: Alice
Fri: Giveaways
Sat: Sarah
Sun: Ivy

We are also still participating in some weekly memes hosted by some bloggers. We also have some things of our own that we will be doing like this weekly announcement. Also, if you noticed, Fridays are when giveaways are posted or winners are announced. This is just for us so we don't become slackers again. We are beginner bloggers, so we are trying new things.

December Giveaway

We posted the tab last Friday, but we really haven't talked about it. So our December giveaway has officially started. The first teams is Team Romance vs Team Horror. Just click on the 'December Giveaway' tab up above to get more info and to enter.

We are giving away the top picks of 2011. All you have to do is find the books we are giving away, and answer a question. You don't have to be a follower, or even tweet about it. We just wanted a fun giveaway for the end of the year. And did I mention, it's open internationally!

Have fun and go enter! Remember the last week of December, we are giving away 2012 debuts. Don't forget!

Ivy's Iron Fey Giveaway

Ivy has been sick for a couple of weeks. She has the flu. So, she hasn't been able to do much. I just sent her a box of hot chocolate so, hopefully that cheers her up. Fortunately, Sarah was able to take over and go through the entries, and Ivy's mom is sending out the packages.

This was international contest so congratulations to:

Stacie R. in AU, you won the entire Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series! Sarah sent you email today, so make sure you check!

and Megan T. from PA, you won The Iron Knight! Sarah has also sent you an email so check it out!

Hopefully Ivy gets better soon, so she can talk about the Iron Fey series with all of you. She really enjoys the series. I have yet to read Iron Knight but I am Team Puck all the way.

Catching Up on 2011

We need to do a lot of reading to catch up on some great debuts this year. There were some great series that ended this year, and some sequels to 2010 releases. All of the 2011 debut authors had really excellent books out this year. Some stories I wished I was a part of.

I think I read mostly dystopian or paranormal books this year than any other.

And now the year is coming to an end...

Then, we get  to begin all over again.

I definitely spot some 2012 books I want to read, but first I want to catch up on some 2011 books that I missed out on. The other Seekers agree. I wish I could pause time just for a day. :).
A Holiday Giveaway

Well, I think I am done for the day. Oh, wait. Silly me. I forgot to tell you guys about the free audio books Simon & Schuster are giving away this week.
Simon & Schuster is giving away free audio books each day this week. Guess what's up on the giveaway for tomorrow??? Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare, read by Ed Westwick. Just click the image above for more info on how to enter!

This concludes our first weekly announcement for this week. I think I did well for my first time. Happy reading & blogging everyone - Gaby

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  1. Great Idea! I know how hard it can be to plan these things. Really looking forward to the December Giveaways!
    P.S. the "December Giveaways" link isn't working