Monday, December 19, 2011

New Blog, @WhyYouShouldJoinTwitter, Reviews Changing, & Hello Arriana

Hey all, it's Gaby! I have so many things to tell you, and wow it's so great to have a new blog design. So, on to the news.
New Blog
Emilia and Danny worked throughout this weekend designing our blog. Danny made a mistake last week trying to design the blog, that didn't end too well. Now, she made the blog to go with a winter theme. I am in love with this design! She even made us new signatures! We got to picked the font and color, and she added the birds to it.

The designing is still not done.

They are changing some of the widgets throughout this week. We want to put how far along we are on books, like what page we are on. We also wanted to add what we think so far on the books. We are trying to personalize this blog more and more. Hopefully, the redesign makes it feel more like home.

We are now adding authors Twitter names besides their names on the reviews. We are trying to make it more easier to find them on Twitter for our viewers. You might wonder why we are doing this, when not everyone has a twitter.

Well, we think you should consider joining twitter.

Authors are like our celebrities. We like hearing news about them, we get excited for autographs, and we get to hear all their randomness on twitter. Twitter is another way to show your support for their books and their writing. They let us know what is coming out next, or if their books are being optioned for TV shows or movies. And if they happen to be giving away their books or ARCs, well we can't help but get excited for that also.

Some authors don't have twitters, so Twitter names won't always be available.

Twitter is also another way to connect to other bloggers, and readers, to talk books and what's happening in our life. It helps spread the word about your blog. So, start tweeting.
Reviews Changing
We changed a few things on our reviews. We are not using a regular rating system no more. Since there six of us, we split the books between us. We get to choose what books we read. A numerical system doesn't really fit our reviews. So, we separated books into three categories; buy it, burrow it, and look it up before reading.

We also taking out our favorite character, least fav. character, and fav. part. We now are putting teasers from the books. Just a couple sentences to get you interested in the book.

You can see all the info about these changes on Our Policies page. I personally like these news changes.
Hello, Arriana!
This is Emilia's new niece. Arriana was born on 12/13/2011 at 3:33pm. She is 9lbs 9.3oz. and is 20 3/4 in. long. She is so adorable!

Congratulations to Yessi and Patrick!

Emilia is still in New Mexico helping out her sister, so sometimes her posts will come a little late. She is also helping Danny with designing, and she is still doing the in my mailboxes. These week we didn't get any books, but that is likely to change next week.

I won't see you guys before Christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS or Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Reading, or Blogging,

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