Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Challenges, Emilia is Moving, & Red vs. Blue

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on the announcements, 
I was busy this week but I have exciting news!

2012 Challenges

This is so gonna be our year! We have joined up on some very awesome challenges this year since we missed our chance last year. Ivy and I have made up our own since, we couldn't find a challenge that we liked. But more news on the challenges we are joining, soon. I trying to edit the post right now, so hopefully it will be up today. I also making separate pages so, you can see the books we are going to be reading towards each challenge.

Alice is going to be posting our favorite things of 2011 tomorrow and our new years resolutions. So, happy belated NEW YEARS, everyone. Hopefully, this year will be a good one for all us. I really up the world doesn't end this year, because I have my sights on some books in 2013.

It's Time to Move On

So, we have another Seeker that's moving. Emilia! She is moving into a new home in Colorado. I get to help her move, but I really hope I don't do all the work-->

We were going through the things her dad has kept over the year, and man, he kept a lot of good toys. We found a Tickle-Me-Elmo, and lots of Pokemon stuff. Then, we went through some of her old books from her childhood. There are some that are really good that I miss reading.

One thing I noticed with a lot young adult books nowadays. They don't have a table of contents anymore. I used to love all the silly chapter names in books, and I was always curious what's going to happen before I read.

Well enough about me. Emilia is moving her stuff this week and the next, so she is posting most of her reviews during this week. You will see them pop up here and there.

And now to the exciting stuff.
Red vs. Blue
Yup that's right we are doing another giveaway. We had a little problem with our December giveaway. Emilia feels bad that the giveaway didn't go up as plan, so she is going to make it up to you guys.

We were going through the upcoming January releases and noticed there is a lot of blues and reds in the covers. So, we picked which ones we liked.

We are doing RED covers first. Below are the books we are giving away. Emilia tried to take nice pictures but her phone camera isn't the best.

We are giving away new copies of Switched by Amanda Hocking, Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer, & Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. We are also giving away an Everneath by Brodi Ashton away but I'm waiting for it to be dropped off at my house. Also Every Other Day is not a January release but it was really GOOD book and it's red so, we decided to give it away also.

The giveaway is starting today once I put it on a separate post. More details on the giveaway will be on that post. We are using Rafflecopter, but we came up with a way where you can still get entries without having Twitter.

Thanks to Emilia for Bloodrose and Every Other Day, and thanks to Emilia's dad for buying Switched for the giveaway. And since I bought Everneath on Amazon, I will just have to wait for my thanks.

And that's all folks, thanks for being here with us this new year!

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