Monday, February 20, 2012

Memorable Monday (02)

Memorable Monday is meme hosted by Escape in a Book.
How to participate?
Share a quote you for some reason or another find memorable in a Memorable Monday post on your blog. Go to Escape in a Book, and link up your quotes!

We are going to take turns on this meme and share some of our favorite quotes. Last week Emilia, Alice, and Danny shared their quotes, now it's our turn! That is... mine, Sarah's, and Ivy's turn!
Sarah just read this book, and she wanted to share a quote from

She trained herself so long not to want or to hope or to wish,
that she had a hard time pinning down something to ask for.

Ivy has also just finished a book, and she just love this quote from
Halflings by Heather Burch

He leaned forward and murmured in her ear. "Trust is for the weak."

She shooed him away like a pesky fly. "And love is for victims."
She shoved her helmet onto her head. "And like you said, I
don't have that luxury anymore."

I was cleaning my bookshelf and found one of my favorite series
so I am sharing a quote from
Physik by Angie Sage

“Septimus was suddenly horribly afraid that the Antidote would not work. He glanced nervously at Marcia, who whispered, "It will work, Septimus. You must believe in it."

Physik isn't like Magyk," said Septimus unhappily. "It doesn't matter whether you expect it to work or not. Either it does or it doesn't." 

"I doubt that very much," said Marcia. "A little belief in something always helps.”


  1. Oh love that quote from halflings ! I haven't picked it up yet but that line makes me want to right away!

    my memorable monday :

    1. I know right! It's a good one, and now I am going to have to steal the book from Ivy lol. Thanks for stopping by <3Sarah

  2. Halflings is one of the books I'm pining for and I loved the quote(all three!). Thank you so much for sharing it with us, girls.

    1. I didn't really know anything about it until I saw Ivy reading it. But now I want it as well! Thanks for stopping by Mari! Can't wait for next weeks quote! <3Sarah

  3. Arg! I know bookblogging is about sharing the love and all, but I also think I should stop, because all these reviews and memes like this make me spend money on books instead of food. >_< Now I want all of these three books, and it's your fault! XD


    1. I am so with you on this :D! I positive I spent more on books this month than valentine chocolates and cards! I think I need to start visiting the library more. Thanks for stopping by! <3Sarah