Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delay and Waiting

Okay whew I know some of you might be curious why there have been some delays on a few things here. Don’t worry, we’re still here! We are just extremely busy with…well life. I think what happens is we are all waiting on each other's posts. Like if I don't see someone else's post up on time, I kind of want to be lazy and not post either. But it's not only because I'm a little lazy :/, also because of our Spring Breaks falling around the same time and so, we were vacationing away from the blog. Then there were the dreaded mid-terms last month and we’ve been busy with schoolwork.

Emilia is trying to get her Starters giveaway going but she is in New Mexico right now helping out a family member. What’s in her Starters package? It included two ARCs and she also wanted to giveaway a finished copy as well. But her package is stuck in Colorado, until she gets back.

As for the Cover Giveaways…yes we are still doing them!!! We put money aside every month so we can do these giveaways for you guys. The Spellcaster series giveaway was delayed because Danny was supposed to receive the signed copies during the last week of March as promised but didn’t. She has received them though this past week and is planning to post the giveaway on Monday!

April’s Cover Giveaway will be up this Sunday. I actually created this one. Most of my books are paperback because there just easier to carry in my backpack. Emilia and Alice, on the other hand, love hardcovers. Emilia has this dresser full of hardcovers and it’s extremely heavy. Anyways… April’s Cover Giveaway is Paperbacks VS Hardcovers. And we are not talking about reprints of hardcovers last year, and now they’re  paperbacks this year.

There were also some shipping errors on some of contest winners. Please, when giving us your contact information, make sure you type everything correctly. And double check!! We don’t want to ship your prizes to someone else!

As for this month, hopefully we will get caught up on our reviews and get back to our regular schedule. As for myself and my own goal, I am actually only a little behind by 2 books. As for the others….I don’t even know how far behind some of them are.

I just wanted to let you guys know we are still here and coming up with crazy giveaways! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading :)!


  1. It seems like a busy time of year for a lot of people. I have noticed more and more blogs taking a little time off, or not posting as often. It gets hard to keep up with life and everything else. Your followers will still be here when you have time to post. :)

  2. We are totally still here!! Life happens and things happen so really who can't understand that? I just check in with everyone to make sure I don't miss out on any of your awesome posts when you do get the chance!!