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Sarah's Review on Take a Bow

Take a Bow
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Publisher: Point
Release Date: April 1, 2012
Format: ARC
Pages: 278
Source: Publisher
Challenge: 2012 Completely Contemp Challenge
Extras: Elizabeth Interview
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Chasing fame.Chasing love.Chasing a future.

Emme has long lived in her best friend Sophie's shadow. She writes songs , and Sophie sings them. It's always been like this, and feels like it always will be.

Sophie will stop at nothing to be a star. Even if it means using her best friend and picking up a trophy boyfriend, Carter.

Carter is a victim of a particular Hollywood curse: He's a former child star. Now all he wants is a normal life. But being normal is about as hard for him as being famous.

Ethan has his own issues -- a darkness in his head that he just can't shake. He's managed to sabotage every relationship he's ever been in. Emme's the only girl he's ever really respected. . . but he's not sure what to do about that.

Emme, Sophie, Carter, and Ethan are all students at a performing arts school, where talent is the norm and fame is the goal. But sometimes, being in the spotlight isn't as important as the people you're sharing it with -- as the four of them are going to find out in Elizabeth Eulberg's excellent new novel, which is about the auditions life puts us through every day, both big and small.

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Reason for Reading – Author!

Judge the Cover – Love the cover! I know the story is about 4 different characters but I felt like Emma is the one who was there for everyone. She deserves the cover.

A Little Teaser  “Emme Connelly.”

My name is called and I try to steady myself as I walk onto the stage.

I try to block out all the doubting thoughts in my head.

I can do it.

Review  This was my first request to a publisher ever, and I just want to thank Point/Scholastic for giving me the opportunity to read a book from one of my favorite authors.

Elizabeth Eulberg has me falling in love with one of her stories all over again. And this time, it’s not all about one character, but four characters plus with some amazing side characters. She had me engaged into the story right from the beginning. Ah :)…. I am just the biggest fan and this one is my top favorite of hers.

The beginning starts off with an introduction to the four main characters and why they are joining CPA. Elizabeth blew me away at how different these characters point of views are. You never get confused on who’s talking and they each had their own personalities.

Let’s start off with my favorite, Emme. Emme was the sweetest girl of all. She was kind-hearted, loyal, and really shy. She usually keeps things at bay but when you really piss her off, she toughens up. She is by far one of my favorite characters ever! She needed a push in the right direction, and stop being pushed around. Sophie was her best friend, but friends shouldn’t use you and then leave you behind. Emme finally does shine but with a little help.

This little help comes from my favorite second character Ethan. Ethan is part of Emme’s band called the Teenage Kicks. They are really popular within school and outside as well. Ethan is the lead singer and writer for most of their songs. He was also a very shy character at first, but with help from the band mates, he is able to get out of his comfort zone. Emme and Ethan form this very close friendship that I couldn’t help but think Emme needs to open her eyes and see Ethan likes her more than a friend.

As for the other characters, Carter and Sophie, they were okay and at some points, their POVs were necessary to progress the story. Sophie is a persistent girl that is working towards a very tough goal, which in my mind, might have been a very unreachable one. She also wasn’t very kind, even to her supposedly best friend. She also uses Carter to get in some paparazzi photos. Carter however doesn’t want to be in the limelight anymore, and is working on finding out who he really is.

All in all, this is by far my favorite out of Elizabeth’s writing. And I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Emme was just one of those characters that you had to love. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)