Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alice's Review on Gilt

Author: Katherine Longshore (@KALongshore)
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Release Date: May 15, 2012
Format: E-galley
Pages: 398
Source: Netgalley
Rating: Escapable
Series: The Royal Circle #1
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In the court of King Henry VIII, nothing is free—and love comes at the highest price of all.

Kitty Tylney has always lived in the shadow of her best friend, Cat. Then Cat worms her way into the court of King Henry VIII—and into the king’s heart. When Cat makes her best friend part of her inner circle at court, Kitty is thrust into a glittering new life of fabulous gowns, opulent parties, and dashing men vying for her attention. But Kitty soon discovers that beneath the goldeen veneer lurks a world of secrets and lies, trysts and back-door deals, where the price of gossip could literally be her head.

Once you've clawed your way to the top, there's nowhere to go but down . . . and it's a long fall from the Queen of England's throne.
When I first saw the cover, I thought the book was going to be a science fiction novel. I think it was the nose and skin-color(is that silver?) that threw me off. Then the book's summary was going around and I read it and saw King Henry VIII in it. Then I find out that a lot of bloggers that I follow, that love historical fiction like I do, were raving about this book. I waited till the book was out and picked up the full copy. It looks so much like historical fiction when you see more than the front cover and it's really gorgeous.
Words can kill. As surely as sword or ax or dagger. They can prostrate the subject and render the speaker voiceless. Words may not fracture bone, but they can wound with devastating precision.
Gilt is a fascinating historical book set in England around 1540-42. Hmm…who was the king during that time? Oh right, King Henry VIII and his six wives. Around that time he took on his fifth wife, Catherine Howard. This book surrounds her life before and during the time she was queen and in the end, the death of her.

However, the main character of this story is her friend Katherine Taleny, or Kitty. Historical fiction is my favorite genre because I am experiencing history behind the scenes. There are some serious betrayals, passion, and well some naughty, scandalous scenes within this book. So many secrets! 

The things I experienced in this novel have left me frustrated but in a good way. I became very close to character, Kitty, and the characters that interact with her. Kitty however grew on me the most, and I have felt way too many emotions with her. Frustration and sadness were my top emotions with a few moments of giddiness.

Kitty to me was a very sweet girl that would do anything for her best friend Cat. I do mean anything. From the beginning, I though Cat and Kitty were the best of friends. But then as the story continues, you can tell Kitty would do just about anything to stay in Cat’s good graces. She never wanted to be hated by her. However, Cat was sometimes a good friend to Kitty but sometimes her actions were only for her selfish reasons.

When Cat became queen, Kitty thought Cat had forgotten her. I thought it was a good thing because Kitty might a guy that liked her. Willam Gibbon was such a charming fellow. I really wanted Kitty and him to end up together. But Cat didn’t forget, and Kitty is now in her inner circle. Being known as the queen’s best friend, Kitty is in the spotlight, both bad and good.

This book, unlike some historical fiction, had more modern language. I had found myself really liking it. Maybe that’s just me. If you don’t mind that, then I would suggest this book to any historical fiction lover.

I am really curious where Katherine Longshore will take this next, since it is series. I am in love with her writing and can’t wait to see what she brings next.
 This is book one in the Royal Circle series. No news yet on the next book.


  1. Great review!! I actually ended up really liking this book too. I loved to hate Cat and I hated to love Kitty :P But I just couldn't help but become engrossed in this story! It was fascinating with all its scandalous goodness ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to her next book :)

    All the best ♥
    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

    1. I know! I felt the same way about Cat and Kitty. I can't wait to see what she does for the next. Hopefully some more wonderful characters!

      Thanks for commenting :) -Alice

  2. I am totally excited for this book and now more so. I like you love that historical fiction kind of gives you the behind the scenes feel for history. This sounds like such a great read I really need to pick it up after reading your awesome review!!

    1. Historical fiction does give me a lot of facts that I wouldn't have known about if I didn't read this genre. I'm kind of glad I get all of this knowledge of the past without doing hours of studying :)

      Thanks for commenting -Alice

  3. Fabulous review!!!!! I really want to read this book because the premise sounds wonderful and I adore the cover but now I want to read it so much more desperately because I love books with great characters and engaging writing! Thanks for sharing!

    Following your lovely blog! Love the blog design :-)
    Feel free to stop by my blog if you have time!

    1. Thanks for such wonderful words :). I will definitely come and check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine/ours! -Alice