Friday, June 8, 2012

The Seek: New Covers!

The Seek is new thing we are hosting on The Story Seekers. There is no specific day when we do it, we just do it when we feel like it. With BEA this week, a lot of covers were revealed. Come check out this new covers that have came out recently. Some really awesome ones down below! Instead of viewing all these images, but no details, we have link all the images to Goodreads pages.

So what do you think about all of these cover reveals?! Do you like the Sarah Dessen's books redesigns? I like some of them but a little disappointed since I just bought some of her books. What about all the other new cover redesigns? With the Shatter Me cover redesign, does this mean Unravel Me will get one as well?


  1. I am actually kind of let down by the new Shatter Me cover. I really loved the original... There are actually lots of great books in this post and some super awesome covers!! Thanks :)

    1. I know I bought the first book because of the cover. It was what drew me in. This new one however, I am not that crazy about it. If this was the first cover, I might have skipped it. I try not to judge too many books by covers, but nowadays, the cover says a lot about the book.