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Blog Tour: Emilia's Review on Fairview Felines

Fairview Felines
Author: Michele Corriel (@michelecorriel)
Publisher: Ambush Books
Release Date: July 8, 2012
Format: E-book
Pages: 115
Source: Blog Tour
Rating: Escapable
Series: A Newspaper Mystery #1
The Other Books: True Lies
Challenge: None
Extras: Trailer, Facebook
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Thomas Weston has newspaper ink in this veins. He also has funny headlines running through his head 24/7. If he can convince the principal at Fairview Middle School he has what it takes, maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to make his dream of a school newspaper come true. But first he has to figure out why all the cats in Fairview are disappearing!

This is such an adorable cover! I like how it looks like a newspaper with the cutout letters. Then, there's the little kitties surrounding the title, :).
The problem with me wasn't only that I had newspapering in my blood. Worse than that, these crazy headlines popped into my head all the time. My life felt like one great newspaper story after another.
Fairview Felines was probably one of my favorite middle grade mystery books. The main character, Thomas, just hooks you into the story. The mystery of the story, which is about missing neighborhood cats, is simple but such fun to figure out who is doing the crime. You get a list of suspects who could be stealing the cats, like a neighborhood crazy old man, a science teacher, and a few others.

What I really liked about this book was that the story just flowed. Another thing I liked about the story was the character Thomas. He was funny with all the crazy headline titles he came up with for everything that has happened to him. The good, the bad, it didn’t matter, he had title for everything.

Thomas is trying to get the school to start a newspaper, with him as the editor. The principal loves the idea but wasn't to keen to have Thomas as editor, because of his grades. So, the principal starts a essay contest, to anyone with a B average, for the job of editor. Thomas starts working harder on his homework and is trying hard to figure out what has happened to all the cats. Once he figures the mystery out, he knows it will be a great newspaper article and hopefully a winning essay. He really wants that editor job.

The mystery of the novel is fun because the author gives you a list of believable suspects. She also keeps you guessing. There was even one suspect, which I kept hoping wasn’t the one who did it, that was doing something really disgusting. I never did that in science class! Now, for me, I only had one suspect in mind, that I thought did the crime.

However, my suspect wasn’t correct.

Fun middle grade mystery, great characters, and of course, cats! If you looking for a quick fun read, this book is for you.
True Lies, the sequel to Fairview Felines, was just released on July 7, 2012. Check out the information below.

Thomas Weston and his friends Quinn, Leland, and Maddie are back for another newspaper mystery. This time they are hot on the trail of a jewel thief. Thomas is in hot water with the principal again. He has one more chance to make it right, to put out the best issue of the school paper, ever. Or else. While trying his hardest to do just that, with those funny headlines flying through his head, Thomas and his friends end up in the middle of one of the biggest jewel heists in Montana!

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