Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on Some Things

Okay so you may have notice that we haven’t been here for awhile… There are some reasons behind this.

For Sarah, she is planning her wedding for this December and well you know how those things go. Lots of work! So, Sarah will be doing some reviews here and there but she won’t be present all the time.

Alice and Danny have mid-terms coming up so, they are busy studying for those tests.

So, that just leaves Gaby, Ivy, and I. Ivy is taking a personal break and Gaby has been trying to balance school, work, and reading. As for me, I am still busy taking care of my sister and her being in bed rest. I also just started a new job because I was having a few problems with Barnes and Noble. So, I am now working at Wal-Mart and it’s way different from what I’m used to. I’m a cashier and some people can get a little crazy about price-match. I also just found out that I am working on Black Friday, which I am a little scared about.

Now about the Fierce Reads Giveaway. We actually already contacted all the winners for Team Fantasy and Team Sci-Fi. And so far, most of them have already received their packages. We also already picked the winners for the ARC giveaways as well, and they already received their packages as well.

So that just leaves the Twitter Giveaway. I couldn’t host it last Saturday because I was working that day and didn’t have time to tweet about the giveaway. So, instead, I am hosting the giveaway tomorrow. Good news for you guys though. I decided since I am so late on this giveaway, I will pick two winners instead of one. So, that means each winner will receive one book each! 

All you have do tomorrow is tweet this:
"I want to win a #FierceReads book from @TheStorySeekers."

And tomorrow I will putting everyone's Twitter name, who tweets that tweet, into random.org and pick 2 winners at 8p.m. Central Time.

Does this sound good?


  1. Oh a wedding... Sarah have fun!! They are crazy to plan but so worth it <3 Life happens guys! Thank you for all of the awesome giveaways despite how busy you are! I will continue to look for reviews and good luck everyone!!!

  2. Wedding planning is so crazy but fun!! Hoping that everyone gets a little less busy. It's hard to try to balance everything.