About the Seekers

About the Blog:
Emilia tried to start a book blog by herself in May 2010. It didn’t turn out great. It turns out running a blog takes a lot of work. Emilia wanted to be able to bring books back into her life, but she kept going back to her writing and forgot about books. She confided in her friend Sarah on Inkpop, if she would like to start a blog together. They discussed and came up with different ideas.
Sarah posted about joining on her Facebook. Alice and Danny saw the post, and became interested. While this was happening, Emilia was talking to Ivy and Gabrielle about joining. We all wanted to join but, we began to worry. How do we start a blog with so many people?
We met over the summer, staying at Alice’s house for a week. We began to discuss the possibilities. With more people, there would be more fun and less stress. With more people, we could read whatever book we want. Another reason, it was a way for us to connect to each other. From there, the Story Seekers was created.
The Seekers name came from Emilia’s story, Awake by Nightfall. Seekers are a group of people searching for others like them. We put Story before Seekers because it was creative and sounded really nice together. We came up with the logo “Find a new world to escape to” because that’s what we do when we read. We find new worlds, and sometime, we really want to be part of those worlds. Hogwarts anyone?
Fun Fact: Ivy suggested that we be called "Monsters That Read" because she really does like monsters. It didn't stick. Some of us weren't allowed to show real photos of us because of parent restrictions, so we drew characters instead. Thanks to Ivy, we knew what to draw for our characters.
About the Seekers:
Name: Emilia
Age: 18
Character: Knight
Books that I like: Pretty much anything I can get my hands on.
Books that I dislike: I hate books that are ruined, it hurts a little.
Favorite Author(s): Jocelyn Davies, Jessie Harrell, & Courtney Allison Moulton
Day/Job on Blog: In My Mailbox (Sundays)
Okay I keep making my ‘about me’ way too long. So, this time I will keep it simple. 

I am extremely shy until you get to know me. Once we know each other, you can tell I am a very optimistic person. Do I dislike things? Yes, there are tons of things I dislike but I don’t think about it for too long. 

I am traveler, only US. I would love to travel to other places like my mom’s country, Honduras, and hopefully someday Greece. I have home across the country, that I always feel welcomed. Colorado will always be my top home though. Another thing you need to know, I am a big family person. Family always comes first for me. 

Last but not least, I'm a creative person. I love writing. Am I a good writer? I like to think so. I haven't written anything for awhile and really need to get back into it. I have been a life-long reader. I can read anything and love every genre. So, I like to think I could be a writer because I have a wide range of imagination and very open minded. I have so many ideas about good books in my head. I also draw a lot. You might see my drawings on Twitter sometimes.
Name: Sarah 
Age: 20 
Character: Mermaid 
Books that I like: I am in love with romance books. 
Books that I dislike: I don’t like horror books. 
Favorite Authors: Stephanie Perkins, Meg Cabot, Elizabeth Eulberg
Job on Blog: Giveaways
Hello, my name is Sarah Jacobs (which is not my real name). I was born and raised in South Carolina. I have a big family, and most of my cousins lived really near me. What I mean to say is most of my friends are my cousins. My mom and her sisters are extremely close, so I spent my whole childhood in my cousin’s backyard. 

Then college came, and I had to move all the way to the west coast in Cali. My accent was definitely noticeable. When I am not reading, I am studying for classes or working at B&N. And when I am not doing those things, I’m writing. During all of that, I somehow managed to find my own Prince Charming. We live in a castle, and have noble steed named Fable, who’s really a dog.

 That's pretty much all I can tell you except for these little details. I do have a big farm full of animals, but my parents own it, not me. I only got to keep Fable. I do have big fear of public bathrooms, and I am not willing to tell you why. Alice is my soon-to-be wicked sister-in-law. Yup, I am engaged to her brother :). 

Name: Gabrielle
Age: 16
Character: Werewolf
Books that I like: Anything vampire or werewolf. Pretty much anything paranormal.
Books that I hate: I can’t stand my mom’s adult romance books. It’s just weird.
Favorite Author(s): Stephanie Meyer, Melissa De la Cruz, Maggie Stiefvater, Beth Fantaskey, and Emilia Sherman
Job on Blog: Seekers Announcements
Hey all, Gaby, here. Hmm…what to say about me? I guess I can start with the things I love. I love strawberries, Chinese food, coffee, shopping, reading, sewing, scrap-booking, cozy sweaters, Cake Boss, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars, and well, that’s just some of the things I love. There’s a lot more. I'm a clean freak, and a little OCD about keeping a clean and organized room, and hands. I am a big baker of goodies. Emilia usually raids my house to steal all my food, but if there is anything left, I'll share ;). 

I am a believer! I swear on my life I seen a UFO by the mountains. I also think there are good aliens and then there are bad ones. Either way, I think I will keep my distance.

 I live in Colorado, and really close to the Rocky Mountains, in the land of love. The only problem is, not really a big fan of hiking, camping, or anything to do with the mountains. Except of course, werewolves! If you had my parents, you would probably turn out the same way. I do like fresh air and hanging out outside. My parents just forced my brothers and I to spend every summer camping. I would rather shop. And that’s all about me >:{|). 

Name: Alice
Age: 15
Character: Pirate
Books that I like: History type books. I love The Girl in the Steel Corset
Books that I dislike: There is this popular book that I just couldn’t get into.
Favorite Author(s): Marissa Doyle, Jane Austen, & Kady Cross
Job on Blog: Into Sintara
“I’m not much of a storyteller, but I’m a hell of a liar.” 

I remember someone saying that quote somewhere, just can’t remember exactly where. Anyways, it kind of reminds me of my brother but a part of me as well. The others wanted me to give a little bit more info and I said I will. 

I grew up near the sea, fighting off the sirens that sang to my guy friends. When I am out in sea, it becomes a part of me. This explains why I want to be a pirate. I read a book called Pirates by Celia Rees and from there I knew I wanted to be pirate. There was also my love for Peter Pan, and any book that had to do with Peter. 

I am a tad bit of a tom boy. It happens. Never had a Barbie or Polly Pocket or any other kind of girly doll. I had GI Joes, Legos and Hot Wheels in my childhood life. I am the only girl on my school’s football team, because it’s a really small school.

Besides all that, you can find me at walking along the beach or training with somewhere on the field. I do read a lot of books, and although I am tom boyish, I do enjoy a historical romance here or there. And yes, Sarah is marrying my brother. 

Name: Danny (Danielle)
Age: 15
Character: Wizard
Books that I like: Witch & Wizard, Inheritance Cycle, and Harry Potter
Books that I dislike: Romance novels, I like some love stories but don’t like it being the focus
Favorite Author(s): J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, James Patterson, and Neal Shusterman
Job on the Blog: Design & Escaping on Fridays
What can I say that would be the least embarrassing? I live on a farm. The farm life isn't pretty but it does have its perks. Like being able to drive without a license or permit. Okay, so it's only a tractor but at least, I was driving since I was 12. The downside to the farm, it is covered with scat, or poop. You get all these cool animals, but you have to be really careful where you step. 

I live near a forest, which my grandparents own a part of it. This is where I do all my reading. Halo, my dog, comes with me to read to protect me or to get into some of my snacks. The only thing he protected me from was a skunk. Other than that, he just lays near me until I am ready to go home. 

The other things I can think of to tell you guys is I am a huge geek. But book nerds are sexy! I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory, and I'm dating a geek. I am the youngest of this group but only by a few months. 

Name: Ivy (Yvette)
Age: 16
Character: Igor
Books that I like: Faerie books and umm… mystery books but I always end up with weird books
Books that I dislike: Nothing really.
Favorite Author(s): Julie Kagawa, Lisa McMann, & Kimberly Derting
Job on Blog: Teaser Tuesdays & Top Ten Tuesdays
I live in a very small town. I have known most of the people here all my life and the boys are really uninteresting here. My library isn't big. It mostly has encyclopedias and non-fiction books or any books the school thinks we need to read. So I am truly grateful to whatever books are sent to me by the other Seekers. Especially, Sarah.

I have a guinea pig named Igor. IGOR was my favorite movie of all time. I even tried to make my character look like him but it didn't come out right.

Other than that, I am obsessed with Hot Topics(online),  I am also in LOVE with my coffee, Twitter-Addict!, and I am a little weird.