Our Policies
We created The Story Seekers so, we are able to connect with each other, and to explore new books. This site is for our thoughts on books that we have read. It also includes other things like contests, teasers, and fun games. We wanted a place where we can reread our reviews, or the other Seekers’ reviews. To connect with others through books and authors, and talk about the stories and their worlds. We don’t want harm to come to this site, and others. So, no cyber-bullies please.

If you want us to review something, keep in mind that we are teenagers and not paid reviewers. We give our honest opinions on books that we read. All we want is to do what we love to do, read and blog. Oh, and socialize :).

Our Policy
Contact us if you would like us to read a book or a series. You don’t have to be the author or the publisher to do this. We are asking everyone, even our readers to suggest some books to us. Keep in mind, even though there are six of us, we cannot get to all the books and some books might not be reviewed. We are trying to read and review every book we get, but we are only human and there are not enough hours in the day to read.

If you want us to read a series, please make sure it’s not to far in the series like on the 5th or 6th book already. It might take awhile to read and review the series. We don’t want to disappoint any of you.

Our reviews are sometimes long and sometimes short, depends on the book. We are trying to cut back on the words of our reviews, but we do like to talk a lot. These are only teenager reviews not deep into thought reviews. We try our best at it though.

We hate giving negative reviews, so we reread the book sometimes or hand it to a different Seeker to review. We try to get the full understanding of the book, and what it represents, or the story it is trying to tell. We try not to be “I hate this book” reviewers, we give each book an honest try.

We are currently reading only Children’s/Young Adult novels at this time.

This includes all genres since there are six of us and we are into different genres. We do have favorites. Emilia is responsible for all books coming in. She knows which books we like and what to send to us.

Books We Can’t Accept Right Now
  • Non-fiction
Other than that, we accept all types of books. Self-Published! - We will accept a few but contact us first by emailing us at thestoryseekers@hotmail.com .

Book details include:
  • Book Cover
  • Book Summary
  • Important info: Author, Publisher, Publication Date, & # of pages
  • Purchasing – Amazon
  • Extras: trailers, author’s page, websites, & any other things
  • Source
Our Reviews include:
Besides our basic review, we include other things into our reviews. Things others might be interested in reading or viewing.
Rating: We have changed our rating on the books. We decided since we only read what we want, because there is six of us, we don't need numerical rating system. Below is our latest rating system.
  • Escapable - We love this book and want to be a part of it
  • Reachable - We like this book but in the end, it was just ok
  • Unseekable - We just could not get into this book
(Note: You have to read the review to find out why we disliked something, because maybe, you’re into those kind of things mentioned in the story.)

Judge the cover: We like to judge the covers, because we do sometimes judge books by their covers. We judged the covers by two things:
  • Does it represent the story well?
  • Did it grabbed our attention when we first saw it?
Teasers: We took down our favorite characters, least fav characters, and favorite parts. We replaced these with a teaser from the book. We select a few sentences within the book, in the first 100 pages. We will not give away spoilers, but pick a teaser to get the viewers interested in the book.

Author/Book News: If the book is a series, we like to offer photos of the next books. If the author is writing a new book, we like to offer info about what's next for him/her. If the book is optioned for a movie or TV series, we like to spread the news.

These are the following formats we accept:
  • ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies)
  • Published Format (Hardcover & Paperback)
  • E-Books (Kindle, Nook, or Adobe Digital Reader)
We followed the rules on ARCs, and none will be sold or given away unless permission from the publisher/author accept to it.

E-books or Digital Reads will be deleted before publication date or when we review it.

ARC reviews will be posted before or the week of book’s release.  They are usually pushed to the top of our reading list, and we try to read/review them before release date.

Reviews are posted on our blog, Goodreads, Librarything, & Shelfari. We also post links to our reviews or other things on twitter& soon facebook. Links to these sites coming soon.

Emails/ Contacting

If we do not reply back to you’re email…
  1. We haven’t gotten to your email yet, please resend it if important.
  2. Your email was lost, please resend it.
  3. We are not interested.
On this blog, we are doing reviews, teasers, wishlist, contests, and other things. We are willing to participate in Blog Tours, Giveaways, Author Interviews, and Guest Posts. We would like to know ahead of date before participating, to give us time to read the book.

Thank you all, and Happy Rading!!!
The Story Seekers